Peaches You Remember


Welcome to our farm. Rancho Durazno means "Peach Farm" in Spanish.  Organically grown peaches are our primary crop, our signature produce.  "Peaches you remember" is our tagline.  It's one way our farm may be distinguished from others, a belief that our product and experience make a mark.We also grow other tree fruits apricots, sweet cherries, plums and nectarines.

  In 2005, we founded the Cameron Place CSA, a closely linked vegetable farm that shares land, water, people, equipment and identity. Unfortunately, Cameron Place CSA will not operate in 2012.


We are surrounded by wild lands, desert cliffs and slopes no one should farm. They are part of every view, and define the place we live and farm, and make this one of the best sites in a valley famous for its peaches.


                                         Harvesting Cherries at Rancho Durazno


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