In June, 2018 we are promoting or hiring a new Packing Operations Manager.  Our established packing crew is quite competent, and capable of the many tasks involved in sorting and hand packing our organic fruit.  Maintaining logistical flow, accurate records of fruit coming in and shipping out, and clean and organized work space.  As daily orchard production varies, it is critical that the Packing Manager plan and communicate well.

Understanding and following Food Safety protocols in the packing house is a major responsibility.  We take pride in maintaining the identity of our fruit -the variety, the field it grew in and the dates it is picked and packed.  Our customers value this information.  Organic Certification and Marketing Agreements with major buyers obligate us to account for all fruit in a production unit or shipping lot.  The records gathered and maintained by the Packing Manager are crucial in fulfillment of these obligations.

Our Packing Manager will become familiar with our Packing Procedures and Food Safety Plan.  We conduct a self-audit annually.  There are many logs that are maintained; it is the responsibility of the Packing Manager to see that the logs are up to date.

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